A Symphony of Curves

Symphony of Curves ExhibitionSymphony of Curves #1An amazing display containing the work of Geoffrey Preston, one of the UK's leading architectural sculptors, specializing in sculpture and decorative plasterwork and in particular the art of stucco.

The exhibition has been created for galleries, museums, institutions and venues engaged in the decorative arts, craft, sculpture, or aspects of architecture and architectural history.

The display features a range of objects including beautifully modelled relief panels, framed drawings, photographs, tools and other objects that help illustrate the process and techniques involved in making the work.

The exhibition can connect with local plasterwork traditions and objects held in museum collections, relating the exhibition to the local area and providing historical context.

Download the leaflet of the exhibition (PDF Format - 820KB)


Content and Size

Symphony of Curves #2There are 24 sculptures, 7 drawings, 11 photographs and 2 arrangements for display cases with various objects. The objects range in size from A4 to over 4m wide x 2m high. The number of objects is flexible to suit the venue.

New works, which have not previously been exhibited, are available on request. Also available: text for interpretation, items for sale, materials to use on publicity, artist talks and materials for educational workshops.


Hire Fees and Costs

The cost of delivery and installation of the exhibition is negotiable with each venue depending on number of works loaned, period shown and what is provide by the venue, etc.

Insurance is the responsibility of the venue once the objects leave Geoffrey Preston's workshop, or once installation is completed, depending on the agreement.


From February 2013

Contact details

If you would like more details about the exhibitions or if you would like to hire one please contact:

Sara Glenn
e. Sara@expositionis.com
t. 07764 683301

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