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Sonic Wallpaper ExhibitionSonic Wallpaper #1Sonic Wallpaper is an imaginative exploration of the wallpaper samples from the collections of the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (MoDA). Sound Artist Felicity Ford has created sound-pieces based on interviews and field recordings for each sample. Her work expands the way we think about wallpaper, drawing our ears into a context which has historically been discussed in purely visual terms.

Although wallpaper is designed visually, the rooms in which it is hung are experienced with all of our senses, and our memories are stimulated as much by sounds and smells as by sights. A cheery 1960s design might instantly remind someone of a coffee pot gurgling away on their granny's stove, while a more stately 1920s design might evoke the sound of high heels clacking down marble-tiled corridors. Personal associations like these which link place, memory and sound are the basis for Sonic Wallpaper; they are what allow us to move our imaginations between the audible and the visual.

Each wallpaper is accompanied by a three minute sound-piece featuring words and audio inspired by it.  Visitors can access the sound-pieces via QR codes to their own smart phones.  Felicity’s sound-pieces explore the dreamlike or fantasy dimension to our responses to wallpapers.

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Sonic Wallpaper #2

10 framed wallpapers, captions and accompanying QR codes and a fully illustrated booklet containing 18 examples of wallpaper plus a CD of sound-pieces accompanies the exhibition.


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From January 2013

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Images courtesy of Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture