Alexis Rago: Pinhole Photographs

Pinhole Photography Exhibition #1This exhibition of photographs demonstrates an artistic mastery of the evocative yet simple technique of pinhole. The collection focuses across a range of subject matter: Four large-scale landscape photographs, reminiscent of themes of antiquity used by painters such as Lorraine and Corot form one series of photographs.

Rago, who lived and worked for ten years in Florence, creates another focus using the iconic Florentine 'Prisoner' sculptures of Michelangelo, and the Florence theme is further continued in a number of in situ views.

The idea of the sacred in time and place evolves into a series of photographs concerning the interiors of remotely located, redundant but preserved churches in the UK. In the photograph Breath of Life, taken on Millennium Bridge in London, Rago makes an autobiographical declaration, documenting himself as a fleeting instant of time, a passing human presence within the contemporary metropolitan environment.

View of Florence, Italy by Pinhole Camera (by Alexis Rago)Pinhole by its very nature, with extremely long exposures, creates an image that " . . . is not of a subject captured in an instant of time but the passing of time in a single image" (A. Rago).

The artist also makes available to the exhibition, where possible, the actual camera he designed, crafted and used to capture the images exhibited. To commemorate each exhibition the artist can produce a pinhole photograph identifying the venue. He can also respond to permanent collections to create a new image especially for a show. Workshops may also be possible.

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