Petal Power

Textile Design at Petal Power Exhibition #1In the years after the First World War, the floral dress was a stylish and versatile garment suitable for both formal and everyday wear. The printed floral frock was practical, smart and fashionable and could be purchased to suit any pocket. The interwar years saw women becoming designers of these fabrics as well as consumers. Women had traditionally worked in the fashion industry in profes­sions such as millinery and embroidery. The early twentieth century brought new opportunities for female designers of fashion fabrics. This story is of women making their mark in a previously male-dominated world.

This exhibition features the work of women employed by the Silver Studio of design in London between 1910 and 1940. The hand-drawn and painted textile designs produced by the Studio's women designers map the floral trends for printed cottons, silks, chiffons and rayons which were the fashion fabrics of inter-war England.

Silver Studio Textile DesignerItems will be drawn from the Silver Studio Collection at the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, Middlesex University. The exhibition will contain original designs for dress prints, many drawn or painted on tracing papers intended to give the impression of floaty voiles, muslins and silks. Also included are samples of the fabrics themselves, plus images and photographs from contemporary magazines and other publications.

Many of the designs selected have never been exhibited before – this aspect of the work of the Silver Studio, and of its female designers in particular, has until now not been explored.

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