The Very Best of Contemporary Miniature Art

This small exhibition from the Sue Lee Trust (in association with the Hilliard Society) contains 57 miniature paintings and is presented with a narrative detailing the development of miniature art from its beginnings in the sixteenth century through to the modern day. The 57 paintings, in various media, illustrate the exceptional skills required to produce this specialist art form. Modern facilities mean the level of skills illustrated exceed those achievable by the old masters such as Hilliard and Rowland Lockey. Contemporary miniature art is enjoying a rise in popularity and this exhibition captures their unique appeal.

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The Display

The exhibition comes in four free standing cases which can be displayed in a line, paired back to back, or paired in a corner. Overhead lighting is also provided which is set up to connect to a 13amp socket. If the hiring venue have their own display cases these will need to be locked at all times and out of direct sunlight.

Venue Responsibilities

Hire fees

Details on request

Contact details

If you would like more details about the exhibitions or if you would like to hire one please contact:

Sara Glenn
t. 07764 683301

Pictures from top:
Fragile by Pam Wilmot
Dressing Up by Pauline Denyer Baker
Reflections 4 by Iain Gardiner
Photographs courtesy of ICS