Janet Waring

Created for galleries and museums engaged in contemporary art and aspects of natural history, world culture, anthropology and ethnology. An exhibition of visual art and artefacts created by Janet Waring where sculptures, paintings and drawings contribute to an imagined anthropology. The work draws on hybrid influences in exploring the archetypal and sacrosanct.

The sculptures are made of redundant objects which have been acquired in recognition of their potential vitality. They are assembled to reference biological form, particularly the bilateral symmetry inherent in the human body and almost every other animal, alluding to a deep ancestral consciousness of common descent.

The paintings are created as pictorial equations envisioning the landscape as a universal ideal rooted in myth and folklore. The microcosms of the Altar paintings are intended as fields within which botanical and zoological forms codify the active elements of creation myths.

Artist can work to an arrangement of residency or commission and create a large scale site-specific installation.

Artist can be present at installation and de-installation of exhibition at no extra charge.

Space required

Installation and de-installation

The exhibition takes approximately 3 days to install.

Venue responsibilities


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Details on request

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If you would like more details about the exhibitions or if you would like to hire one please contact:

Sara Glenn
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