The Astro Gnome

The Astro Gnome Exhibition - 1The Astro Gnome travelling astronomy exhibitions are a series of flexible, modular displays that examine the Solar System and beyond.

Each exhibition comprises of a number of atmospheric and interactive pods, each built to include:

The Astro Gnome Exhibition - 2There are 7 different exhibitions available:

The Astro Gnome Exhibition - 3Each standard pod requires a maximum floor space of 16 sqm, however pods can be made smaller to match your space requirements. All pods have a maximum height of 2.5 meters. It is also possible to hire just a selection of pods from any of the exhibitions.

Learning packs for key stages 1-4 and post 16 can be made available for each exhibition.

Astro Gnome can also provide interactive events, workshops and lectures.


The exhibition cost is calculated on the number of pods hired and the length of loan.
The hiring venue is also expected to pay for all transport and insurance.

Booking information

If you would like more details about the exhibitions or if you would like to hire one please contact:

Sara Glenn
t. 07764 683301