The Cameron Life Festival Experience

The Experience explores the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival through an amazing collection of colour photographs of the many artists captured both on and off stage at the festival by the award-winning Cameraman and Director, Charles Everest. The world's music legends - Hendrix, Jim Morrison, The Who, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and Miles Davis are amongst those captured in an exhibition that celebrates festival life. More information about this touring exhibition.

The Very Best of Contemporary Miniature Art

This display of contemporary miniature art contains 57 paintings, in various media, which illustrate the exceptional skills required to produce this specialist art form. More information about this touring exhibition.

The Astro Gnome

The Astro GnomeThe Astro Gnome travelling astronomy exhibitions are a series of flexible, modular displays that examine the Solar System and beyond. More information about this touring exhibition.

A Symphony of Curves

Symphony of CurvesAn amazing display containing the work of Geoffrey Preston, one of the UK's leading architectural sculptors. The exhibition features a range of objects including beautifully modelled relief panels, framed drawings, photographs, tools and other objects that help illustrate the process and techniques involved in making the work. More information about this touring exhibition.


Brick City

Brick CityBrick City - the tour is an exhibition of the models of 'Brick City', an internationally acclaimed book, released in May 2013. Featuring over 70 LEGO models, the exhibition appeals to all ages whilst teaching creativity, expression and an appreciation of architecture and the iconic images that make up our cities.
More information about this touring exhibition.

Janet Waring

Created for galleries and museums engaged in contemporary art and aspects of natural history, world culture, anthropology and ethnology. An exhibition of visual art and artefacts created by Janet Waring where sculptures, paintings and drawings contribute to an imagined anthropology. The work draws on hybrid influences in exploring the archetypal and sacrosanct. More information about this touring exhibition.


Pinhole Photography

Pinhole Photography Exhibition by Alexis RagoThis exhibition is created by Alexis Rago. The exhibition consists of 4 large-scale landscape photographs created using pinhole technique form a focus of the collection in which mastery of this evocative yet simple photographic technique is demonstrated. The classical compositions are reminiscent of themes of antiquity used by painters such as Lorraine and Corot. Further subject matter includes the Florentine sculptures of Michelangelo, views of Florence and redundant sacred places in the UK. More information about this touring exhibition.

Petal Power

Petal Power ExhibitionThis exhibition, from the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, features the work of women employed by the Silver Studio of design in London from 1910 -1940. The hand-drawn and painted textile designs produced by the Studios women designers map the floral trends for printed cottons, silks, chiffons and rayons which were the fashion fabrics of inter-war England. The exhibition will contain original designs for dress prints, many drawn or painted on tracing papers intended to give the impression of floaty voiles, muslins and silks. Also included are samples of the fabrics themselves, plus images from contemporary magazines and publications. More information about this touring exhibition.

Sonic Wallpaper

Sonic WallpaperAn imaginative exploration of the wallpaper samples from the collections of the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (MoDA).
More information about this touring exhibition.


Whirrs, Cogs and Thingmabobs - ingenious gadgets from 1851 - 1951

Gadget Whirrs, Cogs and Thnigymabobs is a fascinating exhibition which looks at gadgets, inventions and labour saving devices from yesteryear. More information about this touring exhibition.

The Writing's on the Wall

Writing's On The Wall An exhibition of posters, public notices and broadsheets from 1800-1945 from the collection of Maurice Collins. This display gives an overview of the social habits and social history of 150 years of informing, or making people do things by the magic of the printed word. More information about this touring exhibition.